Friday, December 5, 2014

Travel Essentials

The upcoming Holiday's mean some travel will be happening.  I put together a few of my travel essentials.
First of all when picking out what to wear I always go for comfort. (Which could be why I am no fashion blogger.)  My winter travel attire is usually leggings, a VS sweatshirt, Uggs and Ray-Bans.  Comfy and warm.
I just love my monogrammed weekender bag and it's the perfect size to put all the things I want easy access to in the car.  I always bring along a pillow and blanket, hand lotion (no one wants dry skin), Ear buds, car charger, baby wipes (great for cleaning hands and spills in the car), of course snacks because I am always hungry, and I rarely leave home without a Tervis Tumbler of water.

If you aren't driving to your destination and will be flying where you might need a rental car check out Turo.    Turo is a peer-to-peer car rental service, they offer many different models of cars and price ranges depending on your needs.  You can rent anything from a mini van to a G wagon or even a Jaguar F-type.  After browsing around their site I now want to go rent a car!

If anyone tries their service out let me know I would love to hear your experiences!
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