Friday, October 4, 2013

Twenties Talk.

I would much rather go to class everyday. 

 Why is everyone getting engaged? 

 Did you see her ring?

 Is she really engaged before me? 

 What's Tinder? 

 She met him on Tinder?! 

 Should I get a Tinder? 

 I really love my job. 

 Spending your own money is hard. 

 Big kid world is rough. 

 Help me I'm poor. 

 I'm such a grandma now. 

 What was I thinking when I dated him? 

 We are like half way to 30. 

 Remember that time in College? 

 Let's just have girl's night.  photo sig-2.jpg


  1. Love all of these things because they are so true!

  2. seriously!! everyone is getting engaged!

  3. I'm pretty sure I say each of these things at least once a week. Oh the post college life...