Monday, December 2, 2013

The moment I knew or something like it...

The Holiday Season is here, I love it and everything about it.

Which got me to thinking about how great life was when I believed in Santa and when I started to realize my whole life had been a lie.

Christmas was so much more exciting thinking when I went to sleep Christmas Eve some fat man in a red suit would be sneaking into my home to leave me all the great stuff I had asked for that year.

One of the last years I remember believing/starting to become skeptical about ole St. Nick was a year when the news had shown where some kid found an elf shoe in the field near his grandma's house and what do you know my grandma knew that kids grandma, which totally sealed the deal on the story being true.

 Everytime I asked Grandma to call her friend up and see if she would bring that elf shoe over "something" came up.  This is when things starting getting sketchy but I was a true and loyal believer and still left out the cookies and left Santa a note asking about the elf that lost the shoe and went to bed early Christmas Eve so Santa could come. 

A few weeks later I came across some pictures we had developed.  Yes back in the day you had to get your film developed in order to see the pictures taken on your camera. Crazy I know.  We made it through those rough times.  Anyway in those pictures I came across the sight that would ruin it for me, a picture of MAMA C writing the note left by "Santa" and what do you know she was having some of Santa's cookies as well. 

I would never be the same after that kids.

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