Saturday, November 30, 2013

The crazy train...

I would rather watch paint dry than attempt Black Friday shopping again. 

After stuffing myself full of carbs I made the decision to go Black Friday shopping with G instead of taking my evening nap.

I should have known the moment I picked something over a nap it would not be a good decision.

I had never been Black Friday shopping.  I don't ever have anything specific that I would need to go out and battle for to get a great deal on.  

This year G was looking for Little J an iPad mini and I was struck with the stupid stick and though it would be fun to go along.

That shit was crazy.

Of course she picked the worst Walmart for starters, had no game plan or map of the store.
A bunch of buffoons were just loose all over the place piling their carts with $2 movies, $4 jammies and $3 balls of yarn while playing chicken with each other going in every direction.  

My anxiety set in and I was ready to go away.

10 mins later we made it out of there empty handed with no regrets of leaving the circus early.

I did however get to help Jingle the Elf make her debut this year.  Little J couldn't believe Jingle just popped back in like that or that she enjoyed vodka.

Happy Holidays!
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  1. I hear you on Black Friday. No thanks. I honestly don't think I've ever done it.

    Just found you and am thrilled! I'll be back! =)

  2. Ha I don't blame ya. For years I waited and waited for Black Friday. Used to be my favorite day of the year next to draft day. The greed has taken over and I no longer enjoy it. I haven't participated in a few years. I refuse to be camped out at a store that early on a Thursday. Plus you really ain't gettin' a deal. My little sister works at a shoe store and last year we helped her set up. I helped her changes all the prices on the shoe to higher than what they originally and then put out discount signs. You really weren't gettin' a deal. They ended up being the price they originally were but the public didn't know that.