Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Just can't do it...

Some things I just can't handle in life...

People who assume the worst and run to the doctor every time they sneeze. Biatch there is nothing wrong with you people sneeze.

People who don't like ranch with their pizza or don't like ranch at all. Like what exactly do you eat then?

Those super thick fuzzy PJ pants.  NO.  Might have something to do with my fear of getting too hot.

Using the dryer in place of ironing.

Slow drivers in the left hand lane.

Dirty dishes sitting in the sink for too long.

People who can't work out or go to the gym without posting about it on all social media outlets.  We get it you work out.

Constant selfies.  I notice you think you're really pretty. Cool stop with the selfies.

Thankful status updates in November.  I am all about thanking the good Lord above for all he has blessed me with BUT when every other month you are constantly complaining it's hard to take you serious.  

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