Saturday, November 23, 2013

My Reality.

Who doesn't love some quality trash TV?

We all have those favorite shows that just suck us in...most of the time mine are reality TV.

Some of my favorites....
Honey Boo Boo.
My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding
The Real Housewives...of every freaking city.
Teen Mom all the seasons.
Dance Moms.
Breaking Amish.

All these shows always make me wonder why hasn't anyone given me my own reality tv show?

Is it because I am too old for Teen Mom?  I don't eat enough cheetos for Honey Boo Boo?  I would never have neon wedding colors like a gypsy? I don't date strangers I meet online?
I'm not Amish and I'm not breaking from anything.

 photo mamajunesleep.gif

Then I realize my show would probably go something like this...
A lot of video of me sleeping, eating and sleeping and my weekly spray tan.

I feel like I would often be quoted saying things like "I could really use a nap right now." or "I'm hungry."  

Who wouldn't want to watch that? Move aside Abby Lee Miller I just know soon they will be knocking at my door with a camera crew.
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  1. Haha! I am the exact same! I like watching shows of the lives I will (or never hope) to live.

  2. Ha, my seester left the living room tv on MTV the other night causing my aunt to discover Catfish. Her mind was blown and she sat for hours watching show after show.