Friday, March 8, 2013

Can't fight that feeling...

I have always loved auctions.  

The thrill of bidding and that sweet moment when the auctioneer looks deep into your eyes and yells HAA!
You have conquered, you have won. Time to collect your winnings.  

When I go to an auction I can't help but shoot my arm into the air when the auctioneer starts rambling off....."can I get 5, 10, blah blah, 25, 1000, fat lady sings, 2500..."  I may not actually want what I am 
bidding on but I don't want anyone else to have it either. 

 I'm not myself something comes over me and I just can't stop.

 Let's just say my parents don't like me going to auctions anymore.  

Once I spent $400 to buy my best friend at our FFA auction and the last auction I went to was a livestock auction and I ended up buying 6 show calves.  I couldn't help it I just wanted them all until it was time to wake up early and feed them in the cold.

Well apparently I am not the only one in the family who inherited this...last night Mama C sent a blank check with Huey to the FFA Slave Auction.  

Our local FFA holds this auction every year as their big fundraiser and all the students get auctioned off and have to work so many hours for whoever buys them.  Most of the time they don't end up having to work, I never did it is just something for fun and to raise money. 
My parents stopped going once my brother and I had graduated high school.  Huey trying to be a good alumni returned this year.
Mama claims she told him he could just spend $100 on each person he bid on well he didn't quite hear that part.
Huey instead spent over $1000.00.  Mama C wasn't too happy at first then she found humor in the situation somehow even though I think he should have to do whatever I say to work off his dues.

Anyways the good news is in two weeks I have lost 7lbs just from taking ACE! Now I know if I can make myself go to the gym every week it will work even better I just may be ready for bikini season when it gets here.


  1. hmmm, a slave auction...I tihnk I want one. Especially if he is good looking!

  2. we would go to cattle auctions with my dad when we were little and were basically told to sit on our hands.

  3. I used to go to livestock auctions with my bf and anytime I said "I want that (instert animal here)" he either told me to set on my hands so I couldn't grap his number or gave me cash and told me to go buy candy, cause I'm totally a child, haha. He hasn't taken me back after I tried to get him to bid on a bull that was so wild it probably would of trampled him in a week, lol.

  4. It wasn't your money it was mom and dads thank you. So I don't see how you get to be my boss.


  5. I LOVE my ACE! It has been my saving grace throughout this bridal fitness nonsense!

  6. I have only gone to ONE auction in my life and I won't be going back I think... I got WAY too into it and ended up bidding almost 3 times the prizes worth. I think my mom was ready to take the paddle out of my hands. Whoops!