Thursday, March 7, 2013

Party like it's 1999... or 2008.

My week wouldn't be complete without linking up at least once.  
Today we are throwing it all the way back to Sophomore year of college.  One of my favorite chapters of my life.
I had the same best friend as now Lulu.
Revenge of the Nerds date Party.

One of my other Besties joined Phi Mu.

I actually went to football games early. Weird, I know.

Mag's was my suitemate.

I played intramural soccer and have no explaination for the Urkel pose.

I hung out at Walmart on snow days.

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  1. i miss those days.... college, late nights, random trips to wally world...

  2. I felt like this was a flashback to my college days, too! New follower here.. love your blog! Stopping by from :)

  3. I've just recently started reading your blog, I came across it from Hubby Jack! I too am a recent grad and I'm in a serious post grad funk!! My best friend is also a billion and a half miles away from me..the furthest we've been since our freshman year! I don't have a blog so I hope this works!! Good luck on your job hunt...I'm unsuccessfully searching too!

  4. OMG I LOVE memories like this! Especially college ones ;) thanks for linking up, pretty girl!