Wednesday, March 13, 2013

I'm from the Ghetto Homie....

Okay maybe I'm not from the ghetto but my old laptop looks like it belongs in the ghetto.

These pictures actually made it look better than it does in person.  Notice the enter key is missing, Baby Girl decided to pull that one off, but the main damage is the screen.  The screen was already loose from multiple drops and from lifting it up by the screen, and one fateful day a month or two ago the big drop happened, on my foot.  Some plastic and other pieces broke off just leaving the screen hanging by the cords.  Fun huh?  Well good ole Dell kept kicking.

I am really surprised my trusty old Dell hasn't bit the dust yet.  It has come close to the brink of death a time or two and has been brought back.  The last time I got Dell fixed when it came back it no longer recognized the CD Rom drive thingy mabopper.  (No I don't know the tech lingo pardon me.)  I am a lover of CD's especially a good burnt mix, I keep all 7 CD slots full in my car and well it no longer would burn my jams.  

I know you are thinking who is this girl? Is she still stuck in 1999?  Yeah I still carry around a Discman too.  Kidding.  I just love Cd's okay!  

(Insert picture of a Discman because I don't know how to save pictures from Google yet)

Any who my beloved Dell would no longer let me install things like all my Adobe software with photoshop, Illustrator and ect.  Which might not have been too much of a problem since I hardly paid attention in class anyway and don't remember too much about how I even got my degree.  I just had this laptop that I could use to blog.  I know what else would one use a laptop for?  But this girl still has to find her, her big time paying job and when the Dell doesn't even have word there is a problem.  

I finally bit the bullet and purchased a Macbook Pro.  I LOVE it!  Not that I had any doubt that I would.  I like to play around with design and things along those lines so I figured I needed something more than just a blogging machine or I might have just gone with another Dell.  

Although you won't find THE blogger picture on here.  You know the know one with the Macbook set up at the local doesn't support the troops Starbs blogging away.  Instead I will just share my new gem straight out of the box.  


  1. OMG so jealous! I want a MacBook Pro. I have a 2008 MacBook and it's definitely seen better days.

  2. Yayy! I want a Macbook so bad but I know nothing about Apple products so that should be fun.

  3. I WANT ONE SO BAD!!!! I have been saving up, but biting the bullet and actually purchasing one seems to be a little more difficult. So jealous of your new baby!

  4. I love mine! I used my tax return last year after my other laptop got the blue screen of death right before midterms. Heartbreak, really. But now I love it and can't imagine life without it. I recommend Apple Care to anyone thinking about buying one - just in case! They are surprisingly easy to figure out and even my dad can use mine. Holla!

  5. Welcome to the "dark-side". I promise you'll NEVER want to go back and enjoy it so much.

  6. BAHAHAHA girl, i love me a good burnt mix!! That Dell is a beaut!!!

    Don't worry, I have a desktop computer!! Granted it is a flat screen, not a big ole' monitor, but everyone makes fun of my for not even having a laptop!!

  7. 1. I love CD's too, girl! & 2. I am currently on my moms old laptop, a 5 year old...DELL..that looks like it could be your old computers cousin with the way it looks, only it hasn't yet had that "big fall". I also have the exact same Dell (2 of the same one, same age and all) in my room, that is in a bit better shape, but decided to go stupid on me & I haven't had it fixed yet.
    They're fighters! lol
    It's been good to me, but I am so ready for a new one!

  8. I love CDs too! It kills my battery to listen to music on my phone. CD's are just all around better. Period.