Thursday, August 1, 2013

Dirty hair don't care.

I have fine hair so I am one of those who have to wash their hair everyday and aren't blessed with hair that can skip a few washes and still look good.

The whole washing, drying and straightening process gets old real quick.  I have done some reading and a few of my friends have told me you have to start out slowly and "train" your hair to be able to go without washing.  This means your hair looking nasty every other day until it starts to get use to not being washed everyday.  

That is not something I handle well so I decided to try out a few dry shampoo's over the last several months.   My opinion on the dry shampoo's I tried...

(Suave,  Not Your Mother's & Dove)

Suave actually ended up being my favorite, it worked the best, didn't smell bad and the best part it was the cheapest!  All three were pretty good and lasted a while.  I tried another kind but can't remember the name at the moment but when I do I will update,  but it was terrible it lasted maybe 2 sprays and was empty and it was more expensive than these three, which were all pretty cheap at under $5.  

Any tricks to keeping your hair from getting oily when skipping washes?
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  1. The Suave dry shampoo is THE BEST! Also, sometimes Target has the Suave dry shampoos in a 2 pack that are cheaper than buying 2 individual ones! I recommended looking for those deals!

  2. I use the Suave and I love it!!!

  3. I can go quite a few days without washing my hair. But sometimes when it starts to get oily looking if you put baby powder in a couple of places, and rub it in and around really good (so your scalp is white) it will sometimes help. :)

  4. Sometimes I debate with myself if I even want to shower because the whole washing hair process....but then I learned about dirty hair and it's a life changer!

  5. I'm with you on the fine hair! My tip: baby powder in the roots before you go to bed at night. It's okay if it's all Halloween Witch white ... it'll look normal when you wake up.

  6. I've never tried dry shampoo, but like the others I've used baby powder forever!

  7. Dove made my hair too oily! I use Redken and although it's pricier it works for me :) I need to start training my hair better!