Thursday, August 8, 2013

Grown Up Problems

 I am trying to get back into the habit of blogging again slowly but surely it will happen.

It's week 2 of the new job and I still love it, it is really a great new experience.  This week has been a rough one with the new life adjustments and some other tough stuff going on in my life but what are you gonna do? keep on keeping on.  

Sometimes I forget I am not actually just away at college and this is pretty much the intro to real grown up life which leads me to my next point...

Reasons I might not be a real grown up...

Mama C still did my laundry and cooked all my meals up until last weekend.

I love capri suns.

Pizza Lunchables and pizza rolls are in my top 5 favorite foods.

I rarely do anything by myself except go to work and thats just because it would probably be frowned upon to bring your mama or bestie along everyday.  

Party in the USA still ranks high on my favorite jams list.

I have forgotten to bring my lunch  to work everyday this week and picking a lunch spot for a different day every day of the week can be hard.  

I had to call my sister and ask her what options to choose for my benefits.

I'm still not real certain what exactly 401k is or where that money goes.

I'm still not real sure how I feel about big kid world but Papa C said just in case it doesn't work out for me I can always come home so thats reassuring.

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  1. I feel ya on the lunchable and pizza rolls. I could eat them all day everyday. However, my dimples in my legs say otherwise ha.

  2. The first few weeks of job changes are difficult and 401ks are a good thing.

  3. Omg I had the same struggles with my new job a month ago. I still don't know anything, thank goodness for mom and dad, HA. Grown up but not really!

  4. This post made me smile. I love all of these things. No worries on not understanding everything just yet. You'll get there.

  5. I'm 30 and the only reason I have any clue about any of that benefits jazz is 1) being diabetic makes you get to know health insurance options pretty well and 2) my husband is a finance junkie, so he teaches me all about 401k's and stocks and such. It's an exciting world out there. :/

  6. I will be 20 in a few months and I still Love juice boxes. In fact, I am a nanny and the other day when I had the kids at my house they asked why I had juice boxes..reluctantly I told them they were mine.