Friday, August 9, 2013

Recruitment Season

Oh recruitment time.
  As exhausting as it always was, I actually kinda miss it even all the singing. 

Unfortunately one year I had Mono during recruitment and I didn't even know it until halfway through the week. I just thought my throat was getting sore from all the singing and talking and then I started to feel feverish and noticed white pockets on the back of my throat. Eww.  This was a sign I should probably head to urgent care and sure enough I had Mono.  That explained alot of the pain and how miserable I was during the first 3 days of recruitment and talking and singing all day looonng.  I sat out or laid out in bed the next two days and felt much better by Bid Day. (My favorite day of course.)

 Well anyway my advice for going through recruitment...

1.  Don't stress! Seriously things will work out how they are suppose to and recruitment is fun, you meet so many great people and new friends.

2. Sounds corny but be yourself and relax.  Chapters want to meet the real you not the fake you for the week.

3. Don't be afraid to ask questions. I know when I would be rushing a girl I loved it when she asked questions because it helped get the conversation going and showed she had interest in my chapter.

4. Always be polite! Even if the house you are visiting isn't your top choice do not be rude.  The girls in other houses will still be on campus with you regardless if you choose to join their chapter or not.  You don't want to be known as the hateful girl during recruitment, you will get talked about.

5. Clean up your facebook, twitter ect.  You don't want to come across trashy and unclassy when you are creeped on by girls, which you will be creeped on.  I wouldn't delete or go inactive on my accounts because honestly when I would go to search for a girl I always thought it was a little weird and boring when I couldn't find anything just keep it classy.

6. Keep an open mind, it's your choice not those around you.

Also I would take a tote bag full of the things I might need like, comfortable shoes to walk in, a water bottle, snacks, mints, camera, hand sanitizer, baby wipes, bandaids, a battery operated fan, a watch,  and whatever else your heart desires. 

And of course one of my favorite Youtube videos on why you should join a So-rawr-ity.


  1. What sorority are you in? You should check out this big linkup that a few of us sorority girls that are bloggers held the other day. It is possible you will find a sorority sister that is a blogger.

  2. I totally agree! All of these are great tips, and that stinks that you had Mono during it! I had strep my sophomore year so I definitely hear what you are saying :) Recruitment can be stressful but it is TOTALLY WORTH IT!

  3. Oh how I miss recruitment days! Stress and all. I can't even imagine having Mono during that week! Eeek!

  4. Great tips! I work at a university and things just got crazy this weekend with rush. Every time I drive through the Greek part of campus there are girls everywhere. I hope it goes well for them!

  5. I miss recruitment so much! I know that sometimes I wanted to scream of exhaustion after hours and hours of sitting around the house going through the process, but those were also some of the most fun nights I had with my sisters ever. Why did it have to go by so fast?!