Monday, August 26, 2013

It's coming along...

My bedroom is starting to come together, slowly but surely which is more than I can say for the rest of the place we haven't really done much decorating yet. 

Since I love anchors and all things nautical I decorated my room in coral and navy and went with the nautical theme.

(Excuse the wrinkled comforter we had to stand on the bed to hand the canvases)

I plan to put lamps on each of the night stands and maybe mirrors or something behind those so the wall won't look so bare but that hasn't happened yet.

I saw some painted canvases on Pinterest similar to this and of course decided to make my own.
I must say this was my first time to try painting chevron and it was not as easy as it looks and up close it's not real pretty either but what are you gonna do?

I just took 4 white painting canvases and on the ones that I painted chevron I cut a chevron stencil using my Silhouette Cameo and painted over it with coral paint then I used navy vinyl and cut the different nautical shapes.

When I pulled the sticky stencil's off this is what it looked like, then I just added the navy vinyl.

I hung this anchor picture in my bathroom, its hard to see in the picture but it is outlined with rope.

I finally put up my matching shower curtain.

I still need something for this area its pretty bare.

I hung up my picture board and necklace board and place to do something with the opposite wall but haven't decided yet.

So there it is my bedroom as it is coming along.

 photo sig-2.jpg


  1. so cute!!! love those canvases!

  2. Very cute! I especially love the one with the whale! :)

  3. LOVEEE it all! I really love nautical stuff too. I am thinking maybe when I re do my bathroom to do nautical things!!

  4. Where did you find that shower curtain? I LOVE IT!

  5. Good job girl. It's all coming together nicely.

  6. Love the nautical theme! The coral and navy are perfect together!