Thursday, August 2, 2012

I know who I am today because I knew you....

Is it FRIDAY yet?!  This week has actually gone by fairly quickly, but I am always ready for Friday!  Tomorrow I will be traveling back to my college town to see some of my sorority sisters for Alumni skit night.  I am excited not just to see everyone, but to see the skit.  The skit was always my favorite part of recruitment along with the great songs of course. 

(My last Alumni Skit Night with my Littles)
Our chapter always did a Wicked skit.  A very talented sister put together our skit and rewrote some of the Wicked songs to fit Phi Mu and go along with recruitment. My favorite song that we would do is "For Good".  It was such a hit when a national officer came to visit and help out with recruitment she asked to take the skit and see about making it THE Phi Mu skit to use during recruitment.  I am not sure if the girls are still using the skit this year or changed things up, but I can't wait to see it all.  My precious G Little is the recruitment chair this year and I know she is going to do a wonderful job. 
Anyone else have a favorite part about recruitment?



  1. Hope you have fun seeing your sorority sisters! The skit night sounds awesome :)


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