Wednesday, August 15, 2012

So What!

Linking up for So What! Wednesday.
So what...
That I havent been to the gym all week.  I haven't felt like it and I didn't want to ruin my spray tan yesterday.
That I had two mini cupcakes for breakfast this morning and I loved every bite.
That my coworker's existence is really annoying me today.
That sometimes I flip him off on the other side of the wall when he asks me something.
That I just want to be a stay at home daughter. Seriously someone should pay me to stay at home and craft and shit.
That sometimes I refer to my parents as my room mates.
That I really want Pei Wei right now, but it's only 10 am.
Happy Hump Day!


  1. BAHAHAHHA. I just died laughing! I couldn't agree more. Especially about the stay at home daughter part@

  2. umm, love the last three about gettin paid to stay home & craft, callin your parents roomies and wantin chinese at 10am. I don't see anything even remotely wrong with any of those. :)

    Love y'all's profile pic.

  3. Cupcakes for breakfast sounds AMAZING! Haha and I would love to be a stay-at-home daughter too. Best job ever!

  4. My sentiments exactly! New follower from the Southern Bloggers list. I'm in Tennessee. Julie @