Tuesday, August 28, 2012

I'm not saying you're old, but if you were milk I wouldn't drink you.

Today is....G's Birthday!! Happy Birthday Seester!!
The best big sister ever, well most days anyway, like when you take me to lunch and don't make me pay, or walk me to all my classes the first week of college, except you then told everyone about it and still do, when you always bought me stuff when I didn't have a job, or drive your car everywhere so I don't have to use my gas, when you wear flats and I wear heels so I can be the taller one for the night, when you told that betch in Kindergarden to back off because she teased me about seeing my panties on the playground the time I wore that super cute dress, or when we went to that girls birthday when I was 3 and you swatted my hand when I went to get a cupcake because they had too many animals in their house and you didn't think it was sanitary. 
sister birthday
(just kidding, kinda)
So now this gets me thinking you are pretty nice I guess I won't keep your $60 I found in my room and hoped you forgot about.  Have a wonderful Birthday even though sometimes I think you are now about as fun as watching paint dry.

I didn't get you a cake because I didn't want this to happen again....

But I hope you have a much fun on your birthday as you did this year...

Get yoself a drink...

And Happy Birthday to your bestie! Love you girls!

-Love S