Thursday, August 9, 2012

There is Good in Goodbye.

It's a long one, but I had to make things kind of interesting around here...
In case some of you have noticed G has been MIA on the blog, well all Summer.  Let me just tell you about where she has been.   LaLa Land. Girl met a boy.  Probs the ONE or so they are thinking.  What can you say at that age these kids are no longer Spring chickens, you have to move quicker with things than the younger couples. I'm sure when she finally reads this she will kill me, but it is worth my entertainment.
(G and her new Boyfriend)
(Just kidding her and her bf aren't as cute as this couple)
I'm just kidding I am happy she finally found someone she still likes after a week.  Let me tell you she isn't always easy on guys.  She is very blunt and can be easily annoyed and lets them know.  I get embarassed for them at times and have learned not to become too attached. 
She has good reasoning I suppose.  She isn't the type that has alot of boyfriends. Sure she goes on dates but as far as letting them be her boyfriend, not a chance.  So we all knew she must like this one if she agreed to that. ex. :)
Her last boyfriend (Dumb Dumb) she met in college and dated him for 4 or 5 years. He played football at another college and thought he was God's gift.  After a few years he started talking marriage, and they began wedding planning.  Red flags go up for me, he was A LOT of talk and no action, plus he said my precious dog Sophie couldn't be in the wedding (rude). Which was kind of weird because he was always the one bringing up getting married not her.
lol taylor swift = accurate. carrie underwood = accurate. miranda lambert = accurate. bless this post.
Anyway long story short  one day after she had thankfully decided they should hold off on any wedding plans until she was out of college and well when he would finally officially PROPOSE, he showed up at our apartment and told her he was going to be a father! Ha. Weird because she wasn't pregnant. He had been cheating on her and claimed he hated this girl? Yeah makes sense huh. They finally break up a month or so later when she realizes she does not want to help his cheating ass raise a baby that isn't hers, even though it should have been immediately.  Months later she finds out Dumb Dumb had several other girlfriends from school who knew about her. All I have to say is everyone in this ordeal is DUMB.
Livin' the ecard Life
Story ends like this she realizes how much time she has wasted and laughs about her stupidity all those years and moves on two minutes later. He ends up marrying the girl he can't stand and has 2 children with her. Bless her heart, his poor wife has no idea the things he said about her and does. 
One more kicker here he texts her last week after like 4 years and wants to see her. Bahahaha. She declined.
So anyway maybe there are wedding bells in G's future with her new boyfriend.
-S (always happy to share other's business)


  1. Oh my goodness what a horrible horrible thing to have to go through. She is a smart girl for letting the ex go. Once a cheater always a cheater. No exceptions. I hope she is very happy with her new boy :-)

  2. holy. mother. of. pearl. a father?! whaaaaaaat the ....... wow. glad she's moved on. hope new boy's a vast improvement. bless her and that skank she used to be with.