Tuesday, October 23, 2012

I don't know about you, but I'm feeling 22.

Tuesday Randoms

I am loving T-Swift's new Album RED. I usually buy her albums and listen to them non stop, but don't expect to see me in line for a concert or anything the only one I fight crowds for is my main man George.

Speaking of crowds this past weekend I went back to my college town for Homecoming, just America's Greatest Homecoming (no big deal).  That place was packed.  The streets for Homecoming Walkaround were ridiculous and the lines for the bars forget that.  I refuse to stand in line to enter a sweatbox packed with people just to get my drank on.  Fortunately I took Friday off from work so I could head down Thursday and go out with all my friends before most of the crowd came into town. 
(our fishbowl we consumed at dinner)
 Sometimes I forget I'm not 21 anymore and if I stay up until 5 in the morning I will require to stay in bed until 3:30 the next day.  I had a great weekend though I miss everyone and everything from college so much. 
I even miss pomping.  Pomping is where you take tiny tissue paper and shove it through tiny chicken wire holes using a pencil and glue. Millions of pomps and hours later a house deck is created.  All of the greek houses pair up in twos, planning starts the year before and each member is assigned about 20 hours of pomping a week from the time school starts up until the day before Homecoming Walkarounds.  The day before is all night pomp, no one sleeps you just finish pomping and putting up the house deck for the competition.
That is all made out of tiny holes of tissue paper.
Part of the Phi Mu/Pike deck.

And OSU won! Go Pokes! :)

My recap on lastnight's dedate is short and sweet....I have been pronouncing Pakistan wrong my entire life.  The correct pronunciation is Pock-a-stan according to Barrack and he would know he is middle eastern.

- S

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