Friday, October 12, 2012

Listen Friday...

Dear Coworker: Don't talk to me you are super annoying.  When you talk and I don't respond that means go away. Dear Tsunami: I love you and all because where I come from rain is a good thing, but do you have to do it when I have to get up so early and go to work?  I want to enjoy you from my comfy bed. Dear God: Thank you for watching over me and getting me to work safely even though I couldn't see the road due to the down pour of rain.  Oh and Thanks for the rain too.  Dear coffee: Thanks for helping to make me bearable this morning. Dear New Orleans: I'm excited to see you soon, please be kind to me.  Dear Paul Ryan: You are adorable.  I think I am in love.  You remind me of Matthew Morrison and Doug from the Hangover = Winning. Thanks for dominating in the debate last night you made me proud.  Dear Friday: I LOVEEE YOUUU!!

XoXo- S


  1. I love that coworker shiz too. I am remaining silent, but YOU are still talking. What is wrong with this picture? And, thank God somebody involved in the election looks tasty. Say word.