Friday, October 5, 2012

Paybacks to come...

I'm ending my anti-social streak tonight.  It's just so easy to stay home and do nothing on the weekends anymore after working all week and the 45min drive from work to home. Post grad life is way more exciting than college life.  Said no one ever.  Well tonight I am going to the rodeo and Jake Owen concert, and Saturday I am attending a Murder Mystery party.  Look at me being all social and shit again. 
Jake Owen
I can't stand those stick figure decals people put on their car windows so everyone knows how many people are in their family and how many cats and dogs they have.  Well I just noticed when I was getting something out of my car the other day, my window was sporting THIS!!!!
A single stick girl complete with Mickey ears and a Mickey shirt! 
What can I say I'm riding solo and I love Disney.  That will get me a man. I'm just upset they didn't include 10 cats as well.

G and her BF just returned from Disney World last week and think they are clever and funny.  Cool you freaks.  Not funny.  Okay maybe kinda, but not as funny as your payback will be. :)

xoxox -S


  1. I agree with your rant on post grad life--no fun!

  2. haha omg I hate those family car stickers too, so necessary for me to know that you have 2 kids and a dog, thanks.

  3. hahahahaa ... a single stick post disney girl. what could mine be? me and the hubs in wolfpack shirts holding bottled bevies?