Friday, May 3, 2013

All the single ladies...

Listen ladies let's be honest here some of us single girls sometimes wonder hmm why am I single?

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If that is you wondering why you haven't been scooped up yet maybe you should read on.

Let me tell you.  Actually I will just tell you why you might be anyway because I guess not all of us single ladies are delusional.

If you are always updating your Twitter or facebook status with things along the lines of "If only I had someone to take me on a date tonight and wasn't so alone..."  or  "Everyone has someone but me. #soalone #single4ever"

STOP okay more than likely if someone is following you through a form of social media you can probably bet there is a good chance they know if you are single or not there is no need to throw yourself out there sounding as desperate as possible.  That is not attractive.

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Posting constant selfies posing duck lip style on instagram every single day.  Believe it or not I don't think this is bringing all the boys to your yard.  You may think you look sexy with duck lips but you could be wrong.

Your obsession with your ex.  Maybe it is about time to stop wearing that t-shirt with his picture on it everyday and sobbing at any mention of his name.

You can be quoted saying something along the lines of "I hate guys." "All men are jerks." on the daily. 
Do you now? Are they ALL really?  Probably not but whatever reels them in huh?  How is that working out for you...don't worry I'll wait.

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You are NEVER getting married.  I know a good amount of the time most people's first instinct is defensiveness but lets get real if you are known as the person who NEVER wants to get married what makes you think someone wants to start you a relationship with you?  

And before you get all well look who is Miss Judgy McJudgerson these are just some observations, besides it's my blog and I can criticize who I want.  I am pretty aware of reasons why I am probably single and I can honestly say I don't think any of the above are it or maybe I just need to re-evaluate my life.  Let's hope not.

 Single is the new Married right?

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  1. Remeber those keepers in grade school that everyone name and you wanted to be the first to have yours filled with gold stars so you could get a prize? Well, I remember them and this post would give you all the gold stars to win.