Thursday, May 2, 2013

Where have I been?

Is it really already Thursday and I haven't blogged once this week?  
I seriously did plan on getting it together and blogging more this week and we see how that turned out.
Kinda like I really planned on finding an awesome job and moving someplace fun after graduation instead of back home with my parents.  I am seeing a pattern here and not liking it so much.

Anyway as I may have mention my sister G got married Saturday.  Everything for the wedding was very simple little planning went into it and G was laid back about everything things were going very smoothly.
(Baby Girl and I at rehearsal)

Thursday evening we had the rehearsal for wedding, it was quick and to the point and we just needed to show up Saturday....until about 10 minutes after we left the location G got a call from the place she had booked for the wedding.  The lady told her there was some mix up because she had somehow scheduled G's wedding the same time as another wedding.  

Panic mode.  

Originally G wanted to have the wedding in the evening but they told her they didn't have an open time since the wedding location was booked only about 2 months in advance.  (G is last minute person)  They told her the wedding would have to be moved back a couple of hours and instead of the wedding being at 1:30 it would be at 7:00.  The only problem would be the invites of course had already been sent out and it was only 2 days before the big day everything else was easily changed.  

Thankfully they were keeping things small anyway so it was easy to get the word around in time for Saturday and actually ended up working out better with the time change.

By the end of the ordeal the wedding turned out great and G was happy it turned out the way it did.

More pictures from the day.....

Baby Girl loved G's dress and pulled her around all night.

To avoid any wedding day stress I think Vegas sounds pretty appealing, first I guess I need to get a man friend though.


  1. LOVED her wedding. Simple is always best in my book. Girl you go get that man.

  2. Such a cute wedding! Love that the bridesmaids wore cowboy boots!