Monday, May 20, 2013


My heart breaks today seeing all the updates on my facebook news feed and the news coverage from the devastating tornados  Oklahoma has been hit with the past two days.  I am also feeling blessed.  

Sunday morning Mama C texted me telling me I better start home from OKC early because we were suppose to be getting bad weather and possible tornados.  My first reaction was of course rolling my eyes because I am in my twenties and my mother is still telling me when to be home and because I thought she was over reacting.  

Well Mama C was right but don't tell her I told you because by the time I made it home 2 1/2 hours later the bad weather was starting where I had just been.  The first night of bad weather, one of my little's hometown, was hit with a tornado and many homes were destroyed including her car.  Thankfully she was just fine.  Just scary thinking it was only an hour away from where I had been and so close to where most of my friends live.  

Today Oklahoma was hit again by tornados one of those being an EF-4, the second most powerful type of twister it was reported as being at least half a mile wide. Scary.  The city majority of my friends and sorority sisters live in was hit hard.  I believe the current count is 51 dead and the death toll expecting to rise, two elementary schools wiped out and numerous homes and businesses gone.  Parents are still searching for their children.  It is heart breaking.  

I was lucky to hear none of my friends or family were hurt.  There were tornados all around us but the closest tornado to me was 10 mins away.  Thankfully we missed them so far.

Tonight hug your loved ones a little tighter and say a prayer for my home state.

God Bless Y'all!

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  1. So, you know I make jokes about Oklahoma all the time. But none tonight as my thoughts and prayers are with all y'all tonight. Tornado season is the worst and Mother Nature needs to take these tornados back where they came from.