Wednesday, May 15, 2013

I have never been so miserable...well half true.

Remember me?  Yeah I just lost my blogging mojo for a while maybe it's coming back maybe not?

I spent the weekend visiting my bestie and all my favorite people this  past weekend.  This weekend was also that 5k I signed up for a few months ago.  Yeah well the 5k didn't happen, you see sometimes I forget I'm no longer 21 and I can't handle staying up all night and then functioning the next day.  Then Sunday was depressing because I had to leave my friends and head back to reality 3 hours away.
Which leads me to this list...

Why post grad sucks...

-You have to get a job. (well maybe don't have to but you should or you are now called a bum.)
-All your friends move off in different directions to try to join the big kid world as well.
-It isn't as accptable to dress in Norts and an oversized tee everyday.
-You can't just sleep in when you feel like skipping class work and get the notes from a coworker.
-You can't use being in College as an excuse to eat junk for all meals, you are now just an unhealthy eater.
-Forget naps, going from two naps a day to none is rough.
-You actually have to go to the grocery store and buy food, you can't just run next door and go shopping in the sorority pantry.
-There are no date parties or coke dates.
-Work doesn't just get cancelled.
-Your parents don't pay your bills as easily anymore.
-Parents expect you to buy yourself stuff. (rude)
-When you are around college boys you feel like a pedofile.
-You get tired earlier.
-An exciting night is when you get to stay home and do nothing.

So pretty much post grad life is hard.


  1. Agreed. Especially on work, parents, naps and norts. Ohh, eapecially on the Norts

  2. post grad is tough!! i just graduated and agree with so much of what you said ;)

  3. 4 years ago I was dragged across the stage for graduation, if it was up to me I'd be van wilder

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