Friday, March 23, 2012

All I want is a free taco…

G has me on a strict diet and workout regime in pursuit of being model thin. Okay, well for one I had a freaking green spinach fruit smoothie for breakfast! I want Taco Bell reeeeaaaal bad, but nope.  I don't even look forward to my lunch (favorite part of the day other than dinner or nap time) anymore because it consists of like a carrot stick and maybe a bite of something else. I’m hungry ALLL the time. I hate exercising. Hate running even more. Hate leg day even more than that.

I better be as skinny as a 9 year old or be continually asked, by people who are concerned for my well-being if I have been eating because I look like I have missed every meal, by summer.  I want to go out with my fellow jobless friend tonight but I have to make sure I can spare the calories and apparently starving myself all day won’t do the trick, according to G.  She thinks she knows everything.

Have you ever seen someone work out with a smile on their face...yeah, me neither. It’s because girl is STAR-VING!


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