Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Battle of the Exes

S, Mama C, and I were obbb-sessssed with the ABC family show, Greek.  Obviously, Beaver was my favorite.  If you know me, that comes as NO surprise.  
I mentioned this to S once and the conversation went something like this:
S- “Oh yeah?(as this is S’s favorite sarcastic phrase)  I actually already knew that. He’s definitely your type.”
G-“What’s my type, funny and athletic?” 
S- “Umm….more like big and dumb.”

I couldn’t even argue with this girl.  She’s totally right. Which brings me to the point of today’s blog…Battle of the Exes.

S stumbled upon the show today while on the elliptical and was hooked.  As soon as I walked into the gym she voiced her concerns that if she were ever to have to appear on this show , she would L-O-S-E.   
She’s absolutely right! Finally, my inability to date anyone half as smart as I am or anyone who is not an athlete, comes in handy! 

S and I have very different tastes in guys.  The ones I usually date are, well, big and dumb.   
 (* I am not suggesting that Brady is dumb.  I am obsessed and will jump on any opportunity to use him!)
The guys she ends up dating are little and smart (with the exception of manchild.  I have many stories about manchild so unfortunately, you will get to know him well).   

I would dominate the entire game with any one of my exes, while S is left as the only hope for her team. 

S and I discussed possible scenarios for our time in the Battle of the Exes house.  Clearly, I was feeling very cocky and had already declared myself the winner.  My only issue was deciding which guy from my past was the better choice as a teammate and helping S determine that her soccer player ex-boyfriend was the best option in this situation.  

After the 45 minute drive full of debate and decision making, we realized…THIS ISN’T REAL! We just wasted 45 minutes (probably longer) of our lives stressing over decisions that we will NEVER have to make.  Sadly, we end up in conversations like this often.


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