Thursday, March 22, 2012

There is no hidden compartment of liquor in my desk...I checked....

I watched Bad Teacher, I loved it. S and Mama C. instantly said Cameron reminded them of me in that movie. I was extremely flattered BUTTTTT....each week I add more random texts to the list that say something to the effect of "OMG you ARE Cameron Diaz in Bad Teacher."  I don't hate it.  It does make me wonder if people really think I have a hidden compartment in my desk full of Vodka (I WISH) and that I nap at my desk (Totally would, if I could get away with it.) S0, I checked out the bottom drawer today and, as I thought, no alcohol. Don't get me wrong there are many times when I am teaching that I would love nothing more than to put in a movie, make myself a cocktail, wrap myself in my cardigan and take a little nap, but I don't actually do it.  I would not worry so much about this assumption others are making if it were the first time people compared me to Cameron Diaz in her movies.  Last time it was What Happens in Vegas.  In case you haven't seen it, Cameron is a con-trol fuh-reak who marries some random guy in a drunken stupor.  In Bad Teacher she totally plans to marry for money and ends up stealing some girl's boyfriend. In both movies, you instantly think "Oh. my. gosh. I hope I'm not like her!"

Not sure what that says about me...


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