Friday, March 23, 2012

Does 30=death?

One of my students informed me that Monday is her 29th birthday.  She was extremely excited and said to me, “Miss G, it’s my 29th birthday.  I’m gonna do it big because it’s my last year of partying.”  Obv-i-ous-ly, she could see the confusion on my face so she proceeded to explain that 30 is the year for husbands, babies, and real jobs. NO MORE partying.  Whhhhaaaatttt???  I could not disagree more.  I refuse to designate an age for husbands and babies and I sure as shit have had a “real job” since I was 23 and feel extremely entitled to partake in adult beverages frequently.   Mayyyybe that explains the comparisons being made of my life to Bad Teacher.   As everyone who knows me is aware, I will never admit to being wrong and I KNOW everything there is to know…EVER.  So, not that I will acknowledge if you disagree with me, but that leads me to the question, who has it right, me or my, 29 in 3 days, student?



  1. No noo you are definitely right!! I plan to be having fun/going out for the rest of my life :)

  2. You are definitely right! I'm planning on going out and enjoying a few adult beverages for the rest of my life! Nothing too crazy, but definitely going out!