Monday, June 3, 2013

Check it out now...

Venus Trapped in Mars

As you can see the blog got updated.  Whoop whoop.  It was about time.  I was over being that kid that wears clothes that are handmade. JK Mama C can't sew.  Sarah over at Venus Trapped in Mars designed it for me! Girlfrand is gooood, she's got mad design skills and is hilarious go check her out!

Maybe my fun new blog design will make me a better blogger.  Maybe.

Oh yeah and big exciting news...I'm going to be an aunt!!

 photo sig-2.jpg


  1. Love the new design! & Yay & congrats on becoming an aunt!
    It's one of the greatest things!

  2. Your new design is great and congrats, aunt!

  3. Super cute girl and congrats on becoming an Aunt

  4. loving the new design its so pretty!! I need to redo mine ASAP! :)