Friday, June 7, 2013

I don't know if you know this but red, white & blue are my favorite colors...

Linking up today with Sarah for Fan Friday.
Venus Trapped in Mars
What's better than baseball and the Texas Rangers?
That's what I thought.
Some reasons to love the Rangers.
They are in Texas and what's not to love about Texas?
My main man George is a fan.  If it's okay with W it's okay with me.
Nolan Ryan.
Elvis Andrus improved his English by listening to Rascal Flatts.
Their colors are red, white and blue and those just happen to be my favorite colors.

And you should probably go check out Whitney's link up Back that azz up Friday.

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  1. Watch me YU! Confession: Yu Darvish is currently my favorite player and sometimes instead of writing you I write YU!

  2. I just had a tear come to my eye this was so beautiful! GOOOOO RANGERS BABY!!

  3. Haha-- cute post!! My husband is from TX and is obsessed with the Rangers. It makes our house interesting since I'm a Yankees fan... :)

  4. GW is one of my favorite people ever. I find him hilarious. Rangers hold a tiny but special place in my hear because of him.

  5. While Rangers stadium was being built they were giving tours and I got to stand on the pitchers mound while I was visiting Fort Worth. I loved CJ Wilson and Josh Hamilton.. Sucks they are Angels now...

  6. nice! ATL baseball colors are the same :) if I didn't live in ATL, I think I'd live in Texas ;)