Saturday, February 9, 2013

Run Forest Run.

I registered for my first 5K like two weeks ago.  

What's that? You didn't know I was a runner?
Shooot. I'm not.

These color runs have looked kinda fun even though nothing about running ever sounds fun to me I kept telling my bestie and G that I would eventually do some type of race, both of them are into that kind of thing.  I decided why not just do it when a color run was going to be in the area and get it over with.

I'm hoping that since I have already paid for this race it will motivate me to start getting some exercise in so I'm not looking like too big of a fool come May when it is time for the race.

 (Maybe I will have PapaC build me a desk like this for it so I can blog and do all kinds of things you need a desk for while running.)

It has been cold and well two things I don't do are 1) the cold and 2) run.  So I am thinking about getting myself a treadmill.  When I had a gym membership I actually didn't mind running on the treadmill.  I don't really know anything about them, but I do know I am not buying a expensive one because well I don't always commit to my ideas.  Mama C thinks I will just end up hanging my clothes on it. Rude.

Do y'all have treadmills?  Is there a certain brand or anything I should look for?


  1. no help with the treadmill, but if your running the color run, make sure take something to cover your nose/mouth. It's cool and all but i worked the one we had in Charlotte and you get choked up from all the dust!

  2. I definitely registered for the neon run in San Diego! and also the Hot Chocolate run...I'm not a runner either so this should be interesting! Have fun!