Thursday, February 28, 2013

Vajiggle Jaggle Gone

I have gotten a few emails asking about ACE.

I haven't posted about it before because I hate reading those posts where people are trying to sell crap and blah blah I didn't want it to come across that way, but readers have asked and what readers want readers get.

ACE is a dietary supplement I have been taking lately.

(Mama C, before & after)

I started taking ACE because Mama C lost 35 lbs taking it and has kept it off for almost a year now.  That is without exercise just going about her normal day.  Yes she is a busy woman so she is constantly going but she doesn't go to the gym or do any workouts at home is what I mean by no exercise, so she isn't just sitting around eating bon bons all day taking ACE. 

So far it is only sold in a few states and made in Oklahoma, so it isn't really well known yet in case you haven't heard of it.

I know many people who have lost a ton of weight using this or I wouldn't be taking it.  I am just one of those who am cautious about things like that and won't buy into just anything.  

I started taking it mainly for the energy it gives me because I am usually someone who is always tired.  It is a clean energy, like the energy I get when I have a cup of coffee, nothing crazy like oh hey I'm on crack help me kind of energy.  I now have energy to go to the gym, stay awake at work and while driving ect.

In addition to the energy it helps to suppress my appetite.  This part was big for me because nothing affects my appetite.  I like to eat ALL the time.  It doesn't matter if I am sick or not I am hungry. It is still important to eat while taking them or they aren't working to work as well it just helps me use portion control which I seemed to be incapable of before.  Heffa.

I take anxiety medication so I never take anything random when it comes to pills, medication ect. because I don't like mixing stuff like that.  These have been perfectly fine with my medication.  Several people have told my mom they have taken it  to their doctors as well and had it ok'd with their meds.  It might be because the ingredients are all natural, I don't know I just know it works and it is safe to use.

Some people have even given it to their children, they say it can help with ADD, and anxiety and such.

Now with all that being said I am not a doctor or an expert nor do I claim to be, I have just found something that is amazing and works and it would be rude not to share. :)

If anyone wants more information or would like to try a sample, hollar at yo gurrrl.  My email is

Here is the link for Mama's site if you want to check it out for yourself.    


  1. I find it rude that you failed to mention the fact that I have lost 10 pounds in the last month with this! Thanks for acknowledging my hard work of popping a pill every morning!

  2. I've seen a bunch of friends on my FB talking about ACE and getting great results!

  3. Wow! That is amazing. Thanks for sharing.

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