Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Whoop there it is.

When you start college you get so much advice. 

People tell you what classes you should take, don't dress up on the first day of school, don't accept a bid to such and such house because they are bottom tier, only freshmen walk up the front steps of Morril hall, don't drink the punch at that chapters house parties ect. ect.  

What people don't tell you is only take the minimum hours each semester and get fifty minors so you can stay in school forever. 

They don't tell you that once you earn that degree and walk across that stage life is over.

They don't tell you that you may spend forever searching for a job or that you will most likely end up with your parents as your room mates and will live hours away from all your best friends. 

They don't tell you that you will most likely have to get a job that you hate for a while and probably be miserable or that you will be in bed before 10 every night.  

They don't tell you that everyone will now expect you to get married right away and if you don't have a significant other everyone will want to know why because after all you are considered old now and that is what you do after college.

You don't get summer break and Spring Break becomes a past time. 
If you over sleep you can't just go back to sleep and try again tomorrow getting the notes from a friend, your boss WILL want to know why you aren't there.

You will probably have to start paying for your own shit. like cell phones, yeah apparently they aren't free and gas, who knew how expensive that stuff was?!

I don't know about any of you, but I did not sign up for this.  This is not how "adult" life always looked on facebook.

If you are still in college hang on foreevvveerrrr and enjoy every second.

If you are a post grad like moi, bless your heart and may the odds be ever in your favor. 

This couldn't explain it any better.

Whoop there it is.

Happy Hump Day.


  1. I'm currently in University - and trying to enjoy every second!

    The Hartungs Blog

  2. Seriously that shiz is all the truth. My senior year I was all sad and depressed because I was going to graduate and all my friends were like "oh I'm over it I'm ready for a job"....I have dumb friends.

  3. AMEN! I couldn't agree more. Post grad life BLOWS. I want to run back to wearing my letters everyday and wearing sweats 5 out of 5 school days

  4. The end drawing near did suck a fatty. But, things will pick up, even if it means learning to tell nosy ass people to mind their own damn business. I got tired of people asking when we were going to have a baby. I started saying, "Hmm, maybe we are doing it wrong. Any tips?" People love others' business so they don't have to focus on their own, I guess.

  5. hahahaha Loved this post! :) So totally true...been graduated for a little over a year..kind of sucks!! Wish more people knew that!!

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  7. Preach! At my graduation party my Aunt from Southern Louisiana goes: "You were here almost five years and all you got was a piece of paper? Where's the man?" I was so mad. Never mind the fact that none of them hoe's went to college.

    But I feel your pain.