Thursday, June 21, 2012

Guilty in here....

 (I googled a picture for this and this came up. haha)

So you know that annoying word verification that you have to type in order to leave a comment on some people's blogs well  I think we may have been guilty of that and I didn't even know it! All this time I roll my eyes and probably say really mean sweet things when trying to leave a comment, but feel like I am going through airport security just to be like "oh hey I like your shit."  I even sometimes thought oh look at them thinking all like I'm so important I need this to verify my comments.   Well I was reading something about things new bloggers don't know...oh hey thats me.   Numero Uno was TURN OFF the verification code in order to leave a comment. Wait what? You mean if I didn't turn it off or even know about it then it must be on there?!?!  Ooopsie. :) Well I don't know if it was before or not, but if it was sorry for being a hypocrite and if it wasn't then well I get annoyed when I leave you some love on your blog, but it should not be on there now.



  1. bahahaha. It took me forever to figure it out! I HATE that word verification stuff.

  2. I know, I just figured that out, too! I hate the word verification!

    P.S. My monogram is from a local shop in my town! But I know Etsy has cell phone monograms, and so does Marley Lilly!