Monday, June 4, 2012

Making Mama Cray Cray...

Let's just start off with a lil’ tidbit about how Mama C. can be a little Cray.  As I'm sure you have gathered G and I are both twenty-something college grads who still live with our parents.  I promise we’re not too weird, we just enjoy living with our parents and don't hate not paying bills.  Well anywho, Mama C. is a worrier. 
Anytime we go out she still likes a text update of when we will be headed home just in case of an emergency and would like to be notified when we make it home.  Usually it goes something like this:  Mama C passed out, go into her bedroom (whisper) "Mom"..."Mom"...shake her a little (shoots up in bed in panic) "what, what, what's wrong?!?" "Just letting you know we’re home." 
 If we do not let her know she says she stays up all night worrying and can't sleep, yet somehow can be so hard to wake when we arrive home? 
Well anyway G. was out Saturday night and it was storming, apparently Mama C. could not reach her through calls or texts and assumed the worst and proceeded with sending her worried texts stating she would be notifying the Sheriffs Dept. because she is worried sick and since G. is not answering she must be face down in a ditch somewhere.  This continues until 4 am when Mama C finally barges into my room and asks, "Have you talked to G.? I'm worried sick and haven't slept all night!!"  Me (still asleep:) "uhh yeah she is fine, she is staying at her friends." 
 I find out the next morning from G the texts she recieved from Mama C. consisted of this:
I literally could not stop laughing.
Oh Mama, no matter how old we get she will never stop worrying about us when we are out.  My first thought was, how exactly would that conversation have went had she called the sheriffs dept.? 

"Umm excuse me my twenty something daughter went out tonight and I don't know where she is."-MC 
"Umm ma'am, it is Saturday night and well people do go out, I'm sure she is fine bars don't close until 2."-Dispatcher


  1. too funny!

    Love your blog!

  2. Hilarious! I usually live in an apartment, but I'm doing a stint at home until my next semester of law school starts up, and my mom is so similar. If I don't text her, she assumes I'm dead, and if I do, she's like "WHY DID YOU WAKE ME?"

  3. Hahaha this sounds exactly like my mom! I go through to same scenario once I get home for the night too, typical worriers...gotta love them!

  4. This sounds exactly like my momma. She's fine with me being out till around 2 then she starts with the texts and calls, I mean she knows exactly where I am and even if I answer her she insists on keeping it up! Oh well you have to love them anyway!

    Love the blog!!

  5. Ha! So silly. My mom is a worrier too!