Thursday, June 14, 2012

It's Link Up Time....

Its Ok Thursdays

Its okay that G weighs less than me now and I look like I am with child. I am not.  Skinny betch.

That I have no idea what to get Papa C for Father's Day.  The man is the hardest to buy for. He is very particular about his things. He doesn't wear polos, ties, shorts so those easy ideas are out.  He is so hardworking he doesn't really do hobbies so thats out. He NEVER asks for anything. His respose for gift ideas would be "world peace, so get me a bazooka."  So unless anyone can point me in the direction of a bazooka store I have no idea what to get him.
That I always make plans for Friday night but when Friday night rolls around I am so tired from working all week I end up staying in and passed out by 10:30.

To be addicted to buying stuff off Amazon.

To feel like sometimes once people reach like 1,000000 followers they really start slacking on blogging. Like oh hey thanks for playing, see ya. rude.
engagement ring engagement ring engagement ring
That everytime I see someone else got engaged or married on facebook I gag a little. I mean, am so happy for them.

To think Target can be a little too proud of their clothes sometimes. Hello, remember who you were before you started getting all cute and popular.
Finally! Goodbye chipped nails!
That I usually paint my nails once a day and everytime I do Mama C always says "Are you painting your nails AGAIN?"  What?! I can't just go around all skanky-like with a chipped nail.



  1. I completely agree with the engagement thing! To top it off, my first love is getting married this weekend! hahaha. Glad I deleted my facebook so I don't have to suffer through that one!

  2. I agree with you on the nail polish thing! I paint my nails at least three times away. Chipped polish = trashy nails. Thanks for the follow. Can't wait to catch up on all your posts.

  3. Haha I totally agree about the chipped nail polish thing! It drives me CRAZY when a nail chips!