Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Fun Fact Tuesday.

Hey Girls Hey...
What do you know I am doing a link up.  I swear I don't plan to do link ups everyday. I just sometimes can't resist.  One of my favorite bloggers Whitney @ I Wore Yoga Pants to Work is hosting a facts link up.
Let's go.

Fact-  I always have a tumbler of water with me 24-7. Well except in the shower of course.

Fact-  I am very picky about my socks. They have to match, not be too thick or too tall.  My favorites always end up being Puma brand.

Fact- Post College life isn't for me.  Take me baaacckkkk,

Fact- I am extremely loyal to those close to me.

Fact-  I have to spray tan at least once a week or I feel blahh.

Fact- I am slightly OCD and go through the same routine everyday and rarely do anything out of that order.

Fact- I won't watch scary movies.

Fact- I quote movies constantly and relate almost everything in life to a movie.

Fact- I always think of great blog ideas right before I fall asleep then forget about them by the time I wake up.

What are some facts about you? Go link up!


  1. I'm really picky about socks too and of course, the only kind I like are the $14/pair ones from Lululemon, ugh. My bank account hates me!

  2. I also wear the puma brand! But I buy them at Ross so they're cheaper :) I didn't like having a spray tan! I was paranoid I would wash it off in the shower and it would get ugly :/

  3. I have a bazillion socks...and then I never wear any. Funny how different everyone is, I wouldn't go back to college life, ever! haha

  4. And this is why we are bloggy friends. All the comments and sweet tea to you. I'm with ya. Especially on 3-8.

  5. You just reminded me that I need to drink more water! Love the blog, I'm your newest follower!


  6. I don't watch scary movies either. I hate that feeling. Hate it.

  7. New Follower!! I found you through this fun linkup! When you have time stop by... www.kjaggers.com and if you like what you see.. follow back! Happy Tuesday! K Jaggers

  8. I wanna go back to college too!! I tell my students all the time, the five year plan is not so bad. Stay in as long as you can! :)

  9. Puma are my favorite socks too! There is just something about them that make them way better than any other kind.

  10. I'm the same with movies!! ALWAYS quoting them xo

  11. hehe... love the post... I want to go back to college too..well, i'm in grad school which people think is like college but NOTHING like it :) Love the blog, found it through the link-up!