Friday, January 4, 2013

The Funk.

I should probably stop reading all my daily reads before I post each day, by the time I am done I am left with nothing. 

As I am going through my favorite reads... 

Oh that is some funny shit! 

That's deep, she is such an inspirational writer. 

Cute kid.
LOVE her outfit. 


Another giveaway? 

Guest post huh? Again. 

No I will Not Sponsor you. 

What I need to do is quit comparing my writing to so many others. I read some of my favorite blogs and just think if I could put things into words like them I could have some good stuff for people to read, but it doesn't happen. 

 I start writing so many different post then when I go back to finish them compared to other blog posts I never find mine interesting enough to publish. Does anyone else have this problem? What do you do to get inspiration for writing posts? I haven't ever done a scheduled post anything I post is written about 10 mins before it is published. I would love to post everyday I just don't feel like I have the content.



  1. <------ have you seen this?
    it is awesome. someone spoke to exactly what you are saying. it is hard. not only that, but i feel like even if i'm inspired to write, if i do it after i've seen everybody else's, i inadvertently start to sound like them.
    try hard to quit thinking about your audience. don't think about followers. just write it. some people will like it. some will hate it. who gives a shit?
    sometimes i have a lot of ideas at once, so i'll sit down and at least label a post, and type out the thoughts ... i can always go back later and add detail and hit publish.
    too bad you don't live closer, we could discuss this over supper. hubs is gone to watch the charlotte bobcats. ugh. i need a sushi and beer partner ... this is the longest comment ever and i am rambling like a mofo. the end.

  2. Write about your interests! For example-I'm a nail polish freak so I'm doing posts on upcoming collections. Others might not be as enthused by them but hey, I like it & it's my blog! Write for yourself first and foremost :) Draw inspiration from your everyday life & posts will come!

  3. Ha, I love your insight, as I scroll through I think those same things. And ditto previous advice! You can't compare yourself to other people. And even if someone is writing about a similar topic, likely your readers wouldn't have seen it done before. Write what you love most!

  4. I went through this same thing today. Well, every day really! Comparing myself is not doing me any good - and I bet the bloggers I compare myself to had the exact same thoughts when they were starting out.

  5. Girl, AMEN! You know the kind of Amen that someone does in church awkwardly at the wrong time.
    Part of the reason i've quit so many blogs over the years but I'm determined to be an adult and keep up with this one. I'm no expert but I say just write what you want. I find it easier to write how I talk, as long as the grammar is ok.

  6. As a new blogger, its very confusing to figure out where to even get started! I too feel like some of my post lack the intriguing writing of others, but I just slap up some pictures, because on my blog they are a girls best friend. My advice would be to throw a few things that interest you into your draft box, they may sit a while or take off but it gives you time to think about something and this isn't school there's no due date and no required topics!

  7. Girl you are funny as hell. Just type your stories exactly like you tell them to me. I know not everyone is going to find playing in Baby Girl's tent as exciting as we do but some of the shit cracks me up even when I think back about it.

  8. I've just recently found your blog, but I'm loving it! I do that too though- fall into the trap of comparing myself and then convincing myself that I don't have anything to offer. But we just have to be ourselves and not worry about everybody else. Ain't nobody got time for that! :)

    Did you see Living in Yellow's post today about blogging? It's awesome. Shug in Boots mentioned it today, and it's worth a read.

  9. I am in the same rut right now. I am trying to figure what to write about and ITS HARD.

    Also, yep. My feed is also full of guest posts, cute outfits, will you sponsor me, more guest posts...

    i couldn't help but wonder...