Monday, January 28, 2013

You lost me somewhere between 3rd gear and 17.

One of my favorites Beth over at Shug in Boots did a post a little while back about when she was 17, such a fun post to read.  Who doesn't love a throwback post?  or maybe that's just me but you're getting one anyway....

Oh how things have changed since high school...

I went to a small high school and graduated with 42 whole people. 

Meet my high school self.

In high school...

I was a model.
I was not actually a model we just posed for a lot of pictures. ( I know I know you're surprised I wasn't.)

I slept through a lot of high school and no one minded because I told them I had a condition where I couldn't stay awake. (They believed me or just enjoyed the time I wasn't talking.)

If I wasn't sleeping I was cheering.  Doesn't green glitter eye shadow look hot on me?

 I went to prom 5 times.  Non of those times was it as great as I had always heard it would be.

These were my besties with testies.

       I showed cattle, sometimes in my cheerleading uniform until they made a rule the year after I did this you had to be in FFA/ 4-H offical dress in order to show. Rude.

I was Homecoming Queen, even though some girl started telling people she was really the real queen but I guess I complained or something and that is how I got it because I always got my way, I think was the story she came up with.  Oh small town drama....

I was in FFA and got my state FFA degree.  People never would believe me that I was in FFA, so here is proof kids.

            I had the most precious dog, her name was Miss Princess Ana Sophia Diamond, but I called her Sophie for short.

I wore too much Abercrombie and Hollister.

I ate everything in site and never gained a pound.  Oh those were the days.

I didn't drink or party in high school I just hung out with friends.  I dated the same guy for most of high school until he graduated and moved to another state for college.

I spent majority of high school just ready to graduate and go to college.
Was it all I thought it would be and more?  Oh Yes!

I had a good time in high school, would I go back? NO WAY! 
I'm more fond of my college years.


  1. I was a cheerleader too! Best days of my life, I lived and breathed for it.

  2. Love the green I shadow!! I was rocking bright blue Haha ...cute post

  3. Besties with testies?! AMAZING! I'm kinda mad at myself for not thinking of that sooner. Oh and all those BS teeny bopper movies lied about prom. It is not the most magical night of your life.

  4. Oh high school, fun times. Especially fun when you grow up in a small town, too bad I didn't realize it then. I also wore way too much a&f and Hollister, and too much perfume. Not a great combo. Loved this post.

  5. What a fun post!! Looks like you had a good time.

    I cheered too, and didn't drink or party, and dated the same guy most of the way through. Simpler times. :)

  6. No one ever believed I was in FFA either! We had 80 people in my graduating class so I understand the small town drama!

  7. these are too funny! i graduated with about 90, small town drama up in there.

  8. Ahhh yay for cheerleading!! That was seriously my LIFE back in the day. Myself and a couple other bloggin babes host a "Take it back Tuesday" linkup- you should sooo linkup with us!!! This is perfect :)

  9. I was a cheerleader, was on homecoming court (I didn't win!) and graduated in a small class of 43.

  10. I had a small grad. class as well. I love your "sleeping condition"that is priceless!!

  11. Your puppy is SO precious! I loved high school, so I always love hearing about other people's experience!

  12. Gyahhhh. There are so many AWESOME things about this post, but I think my favorite would have to be the CURLS in the first cheerleader pic. And, I WISH I would have done FFA ... I probably would have ended up at State doing Animal Science instead of teaching. Ugh. Sucks that the fake homecoming queen had some issues with the results. Bless her heart. Missed you during my "time away".

  13. Oh my gosh! I think we had the same high school experience! There were 30 kids in my graduating class! Super small school. I also wore way too much Hollister but then half way through decided I was more "scene" kid so my wardrobe was a crazy mix of Hot Topic and Hollister! Also, I was all about cheerleading in high school!