Thursday, January 3, 2013

No Recap Here...

I'm not one to recap much from the Holidays, you all know what happened...we hung out with family, opened presents, the ball dropped, someone else got engaged, and someone probably had a baby.

G did get engaged on New Years Eve I suppose I forgot to mention. Congrats G! You could go visit her new blog, if you wanted.  This blog only has room for single ladies sorry girl!

So instead  I'm linking up for Its Ok Thursday, since of course link ups are my fav since I don't have to be creative and come up with my own post.

Its Ok Thursdays
Its Ok...
That I didn't make any New Years resolutions. I know I need to drop some pounds and stop eating fast food, but who is 2013 to make me?

That I feel like I just want to hibernate for a while.  I just can't get enough sleep lately.

That I find blogging to be a break so I get kinda confused when I see people take a break from it like it's super stressful or something?

That I just stare at my computer when my coworker talks to me in hopes he will go away.

That I haven't even tried the new sewing machine I really wanted for Christmas. I just haven't had the energy to get it all figured out.

That I always am in that blogger funk and never know what to write.




  1. NO RECAP?!? Ugh. I'm too lazy to recap that shiz, you know? That's what the blog archive is for, no?
    And blogging shouldn't be stressful. If it is, you are tryin' too hard to be somebody else, I say.
    The seams of my jeans keep tellin me to lay off the fast food, too. Too bad I can't afford a new wardrobe. Guess I have to listen ... for awhile.

  2. I'm with ya girl on the hibernation. Can I just hide until March?

  3. Bring that "sewer" over and I'll show you how to work it!

  4. Found you via the link up and loved you from the second I saw that you put roommates instead of parents! My best friend currently lives with hers, too.

    I agree with the break thing, blogging is my happy time so I don't understand when people take breaks.

  5. Haha, the first paragraph was the best. I'm so over all the baby and engagement post on my FB etc. Good luck with said sewing machine. Those things make by brain hurt and I broke everyone we've owned.

  6. I take breaks from blogging when my husband inadvertently takes my computer on a trip with him. haha

  7. I'm married, and I love your blog. Even if it is for single ladies :0

  8. Haha! I find Blogging as a break too! It must be a hard life to need a break from a break! What is stressful is when you don't have time for the break (blogging or otherwise) to begin with! God Bless their hearts!

    XOXO, Elle