Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Taking it back...

Today I am linking up for Take Back Tuesday.

What is more fun than a blast from the past?

Let me tell ya many good times of pushing each other around in this gem at grannies.  Yes I said push because it was broken or something, but all the cousins still played with it for hours.  Why the heck our parents didn't just get us a new one I will never know. I think they got pleasure out of watching us act as rednecks pushing and pulling this thing around the yard with a rope. Rude.

I loved these things. I got one for Christmas one year and Huey tried it out after I said no.  It ended up hitting the ceiling fan full speed and broke a wing.  I was pissed and made Mama promise to get me a new one in every color.  I just remembered she never did.

How I stayed in shape as a young tot.

My favorite board game.

What are some things from your past?
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  1. Oh MAN! I don't remember what that flying thing was called, but I wanted one SO BAD. Never got it though. Sorry your happiness of owning was was only fleeting.

    I loved skip-its, mall madness, and power wheels or whatever they were called. What a fun link up.

  2. omygyahhhhhhhhhhhh mall madness! never understood the point, but totally forgot it existed!
    and damn, i would LOVE to have a skip it! what a work out! do they still make them? surely if i look hard enough ...

  3. Love it! Thanks for playing! From When In Doubt Just Add Glitter

  4. Oh the skip it, i had a purple one. <3

  5. I had all those toys except the toy car. My next door neighbor had one and hers was broke as well. We pushed each other around on that thing like nobody's business too.

    I almost broke a ceiling fan with those spin princess things, HAHA, Momma didn't find it funny at all.

  6. Ok pretty sure we would have been BEST FRIENDS growing up! No joke, sister. I loved every single one of these! My barbie car was my favorite! And the fact that yours was broken cracks me up!! Haha I can just imagine all of ya'll pushing that thing around!
    Thanks for linking up!!
    Newest follower :)

  7. mall madness was the BEST thing ever! miss that game.

  8. I nominated you for a liebster award :)

  9. I loved Mall Madness so much I would play alone sometimes!