Saturday, January 5, 2013

Pinterest Fail.

Sometimes you come across something on Pinterest and think easy. How can you  manage to screw that up?  

Well my friends you may think something is easy, but you could be wrong.

Just check out my pretty cake balls.  Don't worry I don't plan on going into catering.

Tutorial coming up soon on the craft table I just repainted for my room.  Rest assured it turned out better than my Oreo balls.


  1. Good news is: Oreos are just fine on their own. No cake needed :)

    I give you a big HIGH five for trying though!

  2. Girl, Pinterest is full of lies and deceit. I'm sure they still taste fab.

    Can't wait to see the craftiness that went down with the craft table.

  3. That's hilarious and pretty typical of most DIY's on Pintrest. I bet they were still good though!!

  4. hahaha I've had several Pitnerest fails at my house too. Looking forward to seeing your Pinterest success though!

  5. YA. I bet they were great!! Those things never turn out looking like the picture!

    Lots of Love,

    The NB

  6. Girl, whatev those were good. Ugly, yes but definitely delicious.

  7. lol, i swear every pinterest project i've tried always ends up being 100x more complicated than they make it look

    xo brie