Thursday, January 10, 2013


 First of all thank you to the sweet Brandy and The Mrs. Adventure of a Misplaced Belle for nominating me for the Liebster Award! Y'all are so sweet!

We had been waiting since we bought our tickets in June for the Justin Bieber concert that was last night and let me just tell you how I would sum up the evening...
Yes.  I am unimpressed Mr. Bieber.

Maybe it was our nosebleed seats. (shoot the good seats sold out fast, those kids know how to scoop those up)

or MAYBE it was the fact that the concert started at 7:00 and JB did not go on stage until about 9:30.

They could have at least let the opening acts perform a little longer or something if we were going to have to wait that long, but we waited longer just sitting there than I think Cody Simpson and Carly Rae Jepsen performed.   Rude.

Finally the Biebs came out on stage and I was just annoyed at this point. He sounded like he was sick and his voice was scratchy so maybe that was the cause for the long delay but whatever.

And no thanks to the 40 year old heffas that insisted on standing and dancing in front of Little J majority of the show, finally they sat down once she screamed I CAANNT SEEEE!!!!

Overall he put on a good show, but I felt at times like they try to distract you with all the videos and props so he doesn't have to sing as much, it was like being at Britney all over again. Don't get me wrong we all love  midget on a trampoline and acrobats but hell I paid to hear you sing not watch some video on the big screen if I wanted that I would have stayed home and watched Never Say Never.  At least that way I would have gotten to bed at a decent time.

Little J loved it until she thought he wasn't going to sing Boyfriend her fav and she was just pissed.  Thankfully he came back for an Encore and Boyfriend was the first song so the world could continue turning again.

Several of my baby cousins were at the concert too, one of the 14 year olds, she cried the whole time. She just loves the Bieb's so much. Oh to be young again.  Another one of them was lucky and on the 5th row, I can't wait to hear what girlfrand has to say about it.

 Justin get the Frat Swoop back and I will consider not being pissed off at you anymore.


  1. Aw no!! I'm sorry the concert wasn't as unbeliebable as you hoped!

  2. 40 y.o. heffas. no thanks. you crazy, lol.

  3. Girl, I don't know how you made it through. I saw the Spice Girls a few years back when they did their reunion and I thought that was bad. Heck the NKOTBSB reunion was insane with OLD married ladies acting a fool. I can't even imagine how JB was. Glad you made it out alive.

  4. confession: i love me som bieber. can't believe it wasn't very good.

  5. hahaha OMG I love it well I hate it for you but I loved reading... I put in a request for backstage passes and I'm still waiting to hear back but good to know about the Bieb's concert. I hate waiting and I'm so impatient! Love Carly Rae though and the frat swoop!

  6. Ohh noo. :( Hate that you didn't like JB. He was awesome the first time I saw him..which that was back on '09 so I'm sure it's changed since then. That has me a bit nervous for when I see him again in August. & Yea, it's really hard to get good seats. I'm not that quick at buying them either. Haha!