Thursday, January 17, 2013

Long Hurrrr don't care...

Today I am just in a mood where I do not care about a lot of the stuff people are buzzing about.  Not saying tomorrow I won't be all up on this, but not today.

Just some things I just don't care about today...

Raise your hand if you personally do not care about Lance Armstrong?
Sorry I'm not sorry, but I don't.  He is a bicycle rider.

I don't even know when the Tour De France whatever is and you probably don't either unless you just Googled it.

Manti Te'o. Made up a girlfriend or someone did for him.  Whatever.  I know of bishes on facebook doing this all the time.

Well I don't know her, but people like her. 

LiLo acting like a skank.  Wait that isn't news.  

But gets me thinking who would pay large amounts of money to have her as their escort? eww. That is like paying for Hep C.
Baby Kimye. Enough said.
Bless that baby's heart.

Now I need to go read about Teen Mom Jenelle being pregnant.  Kidding...maybe.


  1. Woof! Kimye ... that word, them, that po' baby! Gyahhhhhh, what a derailment.

    And dude made up his gf and her damn death ... to help him win a damn Heisman?! Craaaaaaaaaack kills. And I thought I had issues. Bless his heart while we at it.

  2. hahaha that picture is haaaaalarious. I have to watch the news ALL day at work and I probably asked myself 30 times today whyyyy in the world CNN thought that shit was 'news worthy'. Now, if they had been talking about Jenelle all day they prob would have had my attention. That shit is interesting.. in the worst way possible.

  3. I was upset with Te'o. I actually liked him. Lance is everywhere here. He's a Texas big and we are supposed to care. I don't. That poor baby.

  4. LOL!!! That picture is so funny I am DYING! have a great weekend girlie!